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About Me

Like probably most who visit this site, Iím just an ordinary guy who tries to make sense of whatís happening around him.

I have a loose mouth and state my opinion, getting a lot of feedback in the process.

Then I try to get to the grounds of things. This site is result of those efforts.

For a long time I took it for granted that global warming is a fact and that itís caused by humans. However, there appears to be disagreement about that.

One trigger for me getting into this here and now was watching Al Goreís documentary about his climate change related educational efforts. I found the data presented thin, the way of arguing shallow.

Maybe itís an American thing, but I felt something is missing.

The issue deserves study and an unbiased presentation of facts. This site presents some of the issues from various angles.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please send them to climate@foreignlands.org.

Ralph Jensen



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